Boys on Target - New book by Barry MacDonald

Boys on Target: Raising Boys into Men of Courage and Compassion

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Boys on Target: Raising Boys into Men of Courage and Compassion
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Boys on Target - New book by Barry MacDonald

Boys on Target - New book by Barry MacDonald

Boys on Target - New book by Barry MacDonald

Boys on Target - New book by Barry MacDonald

Boys on Target - New book by Barry MacDonald

Boys on Target - New book by Barry MacDonald

Soft cover, 264 pages, 6 by 9 inches format

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Dads For Life
Dads for Life recommends
Boys on Target

Amazon Review gives 2 thumbs up!

Boys on Target - Amazon Review

As an Early Intervention Consultant for families of preschool children with developmental delays & disabilities, I was challenged to find a quick reference book pertaining to gender-related parenting/development questions. Once I started reading Boys on Target I couldn't help but reflect back to my early parenting days.

As a parent to a boy, followed by a girl, I applied the little knowledge of parenting I had acquired through imitation, education, and did my best. However, I could have avoided some difficulties & had better insight into parenting the 'individual' child had I read a book like this during those formative years.

As well, being the grandmother of 3 boys; a 6 yr.old and 3 yr. old twins, pushed me to become even more enlightened about this topic. I've been sharing tidbits from the book with my daughter and son-in-law, as one can imagine their personal reading time is fairly limited.

I like to have personal knowledge of the books I recommend to others, and this is one for sure! The easy-read, quick snip-its of information make this a delightful book to refer to. Topics like how boys communicate and sibling rivalry caught my attention. In my opinion, this is a great resource for parents, grandparents and professionals.

Debra, The Early Years Perspective


“Boy Smarts is a fascinating read and makes the complex reality of teaching and mentoring boys straightforward.

It reaches far beyond the National Curriculum and gets to the very heart of teaching and communicating with boys. MacDonald inspires us to move beyond a boys will be boys mentality and toward a healthier model of masculinity.”

Julie Ashton
Parent and Teacher, Cheshire, England

“Basically, Barry empowers you to get involved in your son’s life in ways you never thought possible.” To read the recent Peace Arch News article Click here

“I had the privilege of attending Barry Mac Donald’s powerful presentation in Vancouver last night and haven’t stopped thinking about it since – and suspect I’ll still be thinking about it for years to come! Barry’s poignant stories, humour, powerful visual images, and practicality really got my attention.

I come from a family of four girls and even my father is a sensitive and highly verbal man. My young son has challenged me in many wonderful ways. While he also tends to be on the sensitive/verbal side, he has tremendous physical energy – seeking freedom, ingenuity, and inventiveness. The learning curve has been steep – and he’s only four-and-a-half at this point! Yet, I feel so absolutely blessed to have him.

The combination of Barry’s book and presentation has empowered me to do all I can to honour the unique soul that he is and to deeply understand the world in which he lives!”

Michèle Pankratz, Senior Consultant/Coach
CHANGES Ltd. – Inspiring and Empowering Women in Work/Life Transition
"If you are looking for simplistic answers like "boys will be boys", don't read Boy Smarts or attend one of Barry MacDonald's presentations – but if you want depth, wisdom and a responsive, no-nonsense approach, read on.

Barry adeptly interweaves brain-based research with broader cultural issues such as violence, poverty, mass media, stereotyping, and internet pornography. His authentic and humorous talk cuts through facile solutions and encourages us to become better and stronger parents. I gained insight and practical "know-how" that strengthened my relationships with my children and my husband.

Attending MacDonald's presentation or reading Boy Smarts will undoubtedly be a gift to your family."

Lisa Martinson
Chairperson, Prince George District Parent Advisory Council
“Lots of people can present ideas, but to discuss them authentically so they become usable is an art. Barry’s humour and personable approach makes people pay attention. He creatively and meaningfully weaves together diverse theoretical viewpoints spiced with his own experiences. We had outstanding feedback from our parent community about Barry’s presentation.”

Susan Ropshan
Public Programs Committee, Mulgrave School, West Vancouver
“Barry offers a powerful and sophisticated reminder that the phrase “boys will be boys” must be examined. While the thinking behind this phrase helps us to understanding boys’ physical development it is also the root cause of cultural ignorance. He embraces this paradox with his witty presentation style that is filled with warmth and clear-mindedness. Don’t miss the opportunity to hear him speak and respond to questions about raising our boys. He made such a difference to our week-long conference!”

Shen Elderton
Foster Father and Counsellor, Taupo, New Zealand
"Barry MacDonald's presentation on raising boys provided our community members with a wonderful balance of theory, science, and common sense. His stories and personal examples accentuate his depth of understanding and ability to 'walk the talk.' He skillfully challenged and encouraged us all to build character in our boys."

Brian Callaghan
Superintendent of Schools, Alberta

“Our staff very much appreciated Barry’s real life approach to teaching and responding to the myriad of challenges we face in our classrooms and schools. His anecdotes and humour resonated with the entire group- even those with 30 years of experience! Many of our folks have asked for him to return.”

Claire Guy
Principal, Maple Ridge

“I use the ideas I gleaned from Barry’s day-long workshop on parenting boys all the time - with my son and the families I serve in my medical practice. He has this marvelous way of helping people to confirm their prior-knowledge and intuition about raising boys. His engaging style empowers parents and encourages them to do what’s best for their sons. Everyone who works and/or lives with boys would benefit from his message.”

Dr. Dale Robertson
Pediatrician, Canmore
“If you have the chance to hear Barry speak, or to arrange for him to present to your group, consider yourself fortunate.

Barry combines the skills of an educator and counsellor with the practical knowledge that comes from his own experience parenting two boys.

I’ve known and worked with Barry in many capacities for the past 15 years, and I’ve seen him grow to become a skilled and sought-after leader. Few presenters can match his ability to keep his listeners relaxed and entertained while learning critical information and practical skills.

The world needs more people like Barry who can show us how to raise today’s young boys into the type of leaders we so desperately need tomorrow.

I have only one regret: Barry, where were you when my boys were growing up? I wish I had then the information and skills you are sharing with today’s parents and teachers!”

Linda Albert
Ph.D., Florida, Author – Cooperative Discipline
“Feedback on workshops that Barry has provided teachers in our district are always filled with requests to have him return. Teachers and parents appreciate his down-to-earth examples, his humour, his pacing and the manner in which he shares his knowledge. His workshops help people to acknowledge their strengths and consider how they can be even more effective, caring and compassionate with children.”

Randy Cranston
Assistant Superintendent,
Maple Ridge, BC
“Delivered in a most entertaining manner, Barry offered practical insight into the challenges of raising boys in today's world. Everyone left the session encouraged to reach out to boys in more effective and useful ways. The most common response I heard following his outstanding presentation was: That was great! When can we have more?”

Rick Fabbro, Assistant Superintendent, Surrey
Past President – Surrey Principals and Vice Principal’s Association
“Barry is like a breath of fresh air in a world where males typically have so much difficulty expressing their emotions. His presentation was exceptional and we can’t wait to have him back!”

Janet O’Brien
Social Worker, Clonmel, Ireland
“I have heard so many rave reviews from our parents over Barry’s boy workshop. Parents have sought me out in the school office and on the playground to thank us for having Barry come and provide parents with such valuable information about teaching and parenting boys. He created a wonderful community feeling where everyone was able to come together and share difficulties and learn useful ideas about raising boys in today’s world.”

Wendy MacKinlay
Principal, Langley

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